How to Surf

How to Surf

Here is my sets to getting into surfing and what i would have hoped someone else would have taught be when i was learning.. I hope this helps someone getter better faster, this is based on teaching my self to surf without even being a good swimmer..

  • Don’t get advice from experienced surfers, these guys are the worse at helping you get better, they have most likely learn to surf from a very young age and have no idea as they picked so easily.. So, don’t listen to them, simple and paddle away.
  • Fitness is key to surfing, don’t let surfing fool you, it takes a vast amount of fitness to surf.. So make sure you can at least jog 5 km with out any issues, swim at least 200 m non-stop..
  • Also, the more push ups and sit ups yu can do the better. Push ups will help you with paddling and sit ups will help you with core strength.
  • Work on your rotacuffs, the shoulders are the key part to surfing strength.. so work on exercise to strength this area..
  • Don’t drink, althou fun, wont help with surfing, as it thins your blood and you feel the cold much more..
  • Learn to hold you breath, get comfortable with holding your breath, practice in the bath tube.. If you can hold you breath for awhile you will get way more confident when you get held down..
  • THE POP UP. before getting in the water. treat the Pop up as a exereices and do it over and over again while watching TV..
  • Get a Softboard. I made a huge mistake buy trying to learn on a pencil for years. As soon as i got a softboard i learned to stand up so much faster..
  • Make sure you buy a Softtech surfboard to learn on, the great thing about these boards are you can put hard fins.. Get a softech and buy the best FCS fins you can buy..
  • 3 fins, quad fin, 2 fin.. Ok, so the only time u should use quad fins, is if you are surfing waves with allot of foam..Quads fins are much faster and not stable for learning.
  • progress through learning on soft surfboards, don’t worry u will catchup more waves than any one out there, its hilarious, when i get on waves before the pro’s
  • When you start getting better and stop, these are awesome tips –

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