Where to Long Board in Sydney

Where To Long Board In Sydney

Boasting a beachfront strip that runs from Queenscliff to Shelly Beach, this is one of the best locations to go for a cruise on a Penny Longbaord. Aside from the epic ocean views you will also be pleased by the stand out human views. Manly = babes. Since longboards are perfect for beginners you may even feel like using this as an excuse to run into one of said babes. And then ask for their number so you can take them out and make it up to them. You’re welcome.

Bondi Beach

Obvs. In fact the whole path to Coogee (minus the stairs) would be perfect. Advised for slightly more experienced longboarders cos’ there are loads of prams and dodge.


Narrabeen Lake has a rad path that wraps around and unlike our previous two suggestions, its rarely packed – less people to avoid and also great scenery to enjoy.  Only problem is once you head up towards Wakehurst parkway the track does have sections of metal flooring that makes for a bumpy ride. So sick to the south side of the lake starting around Jammison Park and heading towards Billarong reserve.

Centennial Parklands

Less scenic but perfect for beginner to mid level longboarders. The roads and paths throughout the park are perfect for cruising and once you get some confidence, there are some decent hills you can have a crack at. Downhill longboarding is apparently amazeballs – but we don’t know about that one yet, we’re still trying to stay up on flat ground.


Along the main drag of Glebe Point Road –  ducking into cafes for a trendy brunch and a spot of market shopping on a weekend or heading down to the water front to the Glebe Foreshore Path.

St Peters Parklands


Olympic Park



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