Grade 2 Calf Tear Recovery

Grade 2 Calf Tear Recovery


Since tearing, my left calf three times and right once and multiple micro tears, I feel I have some experience to advise on Calf Tear recovery and wanted to share with anyone unfortunate enough to experience it and maybe avoid.

Avoid Tear

  1.  Also, make sure to do calf stretch and hold them for at least 30 seconds on each leg, Stretching the calf is the only thing that makes it stronger.
  2. Make sure when it is cold, to always warm up before any impact movements, such as playing basketball.
  3. Do calf raises with full extension on a platform to strength your calfs.

After Tear

  1. Immediately after a tear, don’t move it, If you feel pain in your calf that is a tear, don’t try and do anything other than putting ice on it.
  2. Got to your doctor and get a ultrasound, and get the doctor to draw with a maker exactly where this calf tear is.
  3. Use athletic tape to take pressure of the calf, provide support and restrict movement and also to remind you that there is a tear.
  4. Get crouches or moon boot if you need to work and move around, but maybe take some time off and rest as its not going to help moving around too mouch.
  5. Use cold therapy for at least 2-3 weeks or even more for sever tears.
  6. Get a physio band and do restraints on your calf after about 2 weeks and see how much it hurts, use more restraints, but don’t tear it again.
  7. Get a TENS machine and after 3 weeks, use that to massage it and also use you fingers to dig in and make sure to do both calfs.
  8. Make sure you take care of the opposite calf as you will be putting allot of stress on good one.
  9. When you have enough strength to calf raises slowly with both feed to start and then move to one calf at a time and continue to cycle with the ice, band and massage.
  10. After about 6 weeks and 2 months you can start to check the strength, buy warming up and doing short running and small jumps but be careful, tape you calf to provide support and restrict movement.

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