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I used to be super fit, but after turning over 40 recently, I realised, my health has declined since I was 16 and the only reason, I maintain my health at all is because of good genetics and jogging. So, recently, I decided to put my health first above all else and documenting my progress and ideas that work.


  • I changed to a kentognic diet, but, really its just a guide and idea, i don’t believe in doing anything to extremes. Even good things doing to extreme is damaging, you can jog for 100km if you want, but that isn’t good for you thats pretty much says you have a major mental issues.
  • Eat lots more boiled vegetables that grown above ground as much as possible.
  • No alcohol, maybe once in a while you will have to get wasted, but every time i take months of my goals. I stopped drinking and never was a drinker, unless i was going out for a whole night. This isnt a problem, just need to be careful the once in a while doesnt make me sick and ruin my good habits.
  • Get a slow cooker, mainly, because i find cooking bording and tendious, so just put food in and go away.
  • STOP
    1. RICE Stop eating WHITE RICE, this is difficult at first, but, you don’t need rice, its not that its bad for you, but you can replace it with much better options
    2. SUGAR – Stop eating Sugar, unless it is Honey or natural. You can replace it with something else and once in a while dark chocolate is ok. I mean, maybe once a month, but if you are thinking about this, you are in trouble.
    3. SALT – Stop using SALT, you don’t need it.
    4. BUTTER – Butter as long as it is not a sturaged version isnt that bad
    • Microwave Boil Broccoli
    • Kimchi
    • Salad Dressing
    • Peanut Butter

Kento Diet

I am not 100% on anything, but, I used the Kento Diet as a guide. Simple rules;

  • Calorie Deficit
    • Pretty much don’t eat for at lest 1-2 days, then only eat at night or morning and have nuts to fill you up. I can only do this for a few days. Drinks lots of juices to keep you sane.
  • Cutting Phase
    • 1 to 2 Weeks.
    • Eating once a day
    • No lunch or breakfast
    • Try and eat only veg with green leaves from above ground
  • Carb Cycle
    • Take a break and treat your self
    • Below ground veg
    • Brown Rice
    • All you can eat


  • Broccoli quick bowl
    • Wash Broccoli throughly and cut the flowers small pieces.
    • Place into Bowl with cover
    • Microwave for 5 mins
    • Add Tuna or Sardine can
    • Add spinach
    • Add Sauces you like and cheese if you want.
  • Spicy Seafood Mariana


    1. Walk in the mornings – Walking is pretty amazing
    2. Swimming
    3. Take stairs


  • Vitamins
    • Take a multivitiam in the monring
    • Omega 3
    • CLA
    • Preboitics
    • Proboitics
    • Green veg powders
  • Amminos
    • BCCA
    • Creatine
    • Whey
  • Energy
    • Green Tea
    • Macha
    • Triubulus
    • Test Boost
    • Acai



  • Wake up Stretch
  • Push ups
  • Sits ups
  • Take multi-vitiam


  • Prepare for next day
  • In bed at 9:30






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